Jack and Peter Isbester on the Parrog in the 1940s
Peerie Hoose, just above the person in the picture
This chart was made by Jack in 1947. Scroll to the bottom for more details
This chart was made by Jack Isbester in 1947. Jack lived in Peerie Hoose in Newport in the war and then spent all his holidays there. He went to sea at 16 and then spent his leaves with his parents on the Parrog until he married. He and his brother saved up and bought the little boat, Tirik, mentioned here. They were only allowed out if they had checked with Jack Price of Seagull Cottage that the weather was all right.

This map is one that Jack drew for his cousin David who was theĀ able seaman in the boat of which the captain was Jack. The map was found in his effects when David died recently. The family was from Shetland and all the family boats have been given the Shetland names of birds. Tirik is an arctic tern.

Jack says, "The three buoys, labelled 'Targets', remained for some time after the end of WW2. During the war fighter planes used to zoom over the sand dunes out into the bay firing at the buoys with their machine guns. The cartridge shells used to litter the sand in front of the dunes."